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  • Purpose & Function

    The Robinson Research Institute was developed to address the needs of providing vital, truthful and factual information on any subject...within reason. Such information will be made available to anyone who requests or needs it for an academic or research project, personal, business or otherwise.

    On occasion there may be a refusal for certain subject requests on the premise that such material or information may be discriminatory, hateful, or just a pure waste of time. However, understanding that this determination gives the appearance of being too selective or perhaps even close-minded in regards to this institute, none-the-less, it serves no positive or progressive use of time to research how long it takes a fly to drown in a glass of beer after its wings are removed. If this is the type of information one requests then you will be asked to please look elsewhere and not use these services.

    Maintaining a 'reserve the right position' to determine what requests are worthy has been implemented at this institute from its beginnings. In addition, this institute is a non-profit independent operation, which receives absolutely no funding or financial aid support. Being in this position enables the institute to maintain and remain unbiased in its findings no matter the outcome.
    All requests are reviewed and are responded to accordingly.

    The purpose and function of this institute is to engage the many avenues of information available or even, at times, unavailable, buried or believed to be lost.
    Much effort is given to compile and archive this information in a library format and to present specific content or materials on request to students, researchers, academic institutions and other areas of concern or interest.
    This information is not held within an 'on line' archive or library. On occasion there will be a post or a paper on a particular subject by request or that is believed to be of interest to the world at large.

    There are no fees or charges for doing the actual research. However, upon requests for copies of these findings from the archives, there is a small fee for materials, shipping and postage that will be applied. The fee is determined by the amount, quantity, size and weight of the materials needed or used to produce the requested information to cover mailing and shipping costs solely. Understanding the financial positions of most students and independent researchers we strive to keep the costs as minimal as possible.

    This institute is dedicated to providing information, as mentioned, in an effort to aid all those who seek the truth and facts in an academic and educational format.

    All information is provided in its original form as it is found or as the technology will permit.

    At times some modifications will be applied in findings pertaining solely to the areas of typos and grammar when necessary, otherwise, no liberties with altering any content or the meanings therein of any subject matter discovered will ever be infringed.

    What Is Provided
    ~ Dissemination of accurate information relating from the most ancient to the more recent developments in the areas that will help anyone reach their ultimate mental, spiritual and physical growth.
    ~ Development of a world-wide information network composed of experts in multiple disciplines.
    ~ Development of an archives devoted to the progressive investigation of areas traditionally neglected by mainstream sources which includes reference books and electronic media relating to such topics.
    ~ Research: History, Languages, Fine Arts and Humanities; Business, Education and Law; Sciences and Engineering; Social Sciences; Human and Social Development; Environmental Issues and more.

    Research has as its main goals the process of locating and gathering of coherent, verifiable information and evaluating that information and, most importantly, the timely reporting of that information.

    It is a real life situation. In all cases there is a need to find relevant information, organize it so that it can be determined what is most relevant to the needs, and come to a conclusion as to how one should proceed.

    In assisting others to develop their research skills all effort is given to help better their thinking skills, and the clear expression of their thoughts which leads to the development of becoming better in their chosen fields and human beings.

    The processes involved in doing research are important learning experiences that should not be taken too lightly by anyone. If you have a question and truly desire to know an answer from that point forward every move or thought you have are the elements of research.

    As one selects and narrows their topic, chooses their sources, separates fact from opinion, eliminates unnecessary information, and organizes their materials, they will refine their thinking and analysis skills to offer a better completed work.

    Doing research allows one to explore a particular topic in considerable depth and to organize and clearly express that information.

    Educational Benefits
    A primary focus in this purpose is extremely beneficial in addressing the needs of younger students in staying in step with the endless changes that face them in the world today. This is an area they are not often afforded in the public educational systems. It is also provided that the same quality of education through such resources for adults who have never had such opportunities available to them in the past. Here, they may advance that opportunity at their own pace. These things will lead to significant improvements in the academic performance of all students everywhere, no matter their age or deportment. And, with that, open the doors of opportunity to acquire better jobs or careers that will do nothing short of their personal improvement but will add to the quality of life for the entire community to which they live. In addition, to also aid in the understanding and application of self-determination and well-being along with a renewed approach in the understanding of human communication systems, culture and civilization.

    The Research Institute provides a safe and psychologically comfortable environment for all students of any grade level or age, on or off-line, in or out of the academic circle and also includes an intellectually challenging atmosphere that offers them opportunities to maintain and develop a firm knowledge base even if this institute can only be found on the internet, the new classroom.

    The primary goal at this institute is to enhance the knowledge of all humankind with their history and relationship with all things on this planet.

    For Your Information (FYI):
    When you are seeking information on a particular subject and, either do not have the time to do this, or you just can't seem to find it, doesn't mean that subject or the information is not available. Please bear in mind that not everything in the world is on the internet. Often the means of referring to other avenues such as real books, paper-files, microfilm, tapes and video archives, which are spread out all over this entire planet, becomes necessary. This process will take a little longer and modern technology is not always a dependent companion, therefore, your patience will be highly appreciated when requesting this service.
    When you request for any research please be as informative as you possibly can in order for the research time to be shortened. We would all like to have it yesterday but reality says otherwise.
    Also bear in mind that some of the things to include in your request would be, or should be, titles, names, dates, subject matter, authors, when, where and how you became aware of the subject or material and what it will be used for. Long explanations are not necessary. Be brief but as informative as possible.

    Legal Engagements
    Please be aware, if you personally, your business, corporation or educational institution is involved in any legal dispute, no matter the nature of such a dispute, the Institute does not give legal advice nor does it offer or present any information that is biased, one-sided or to the favor of any party on either side of or in such disputes.
    What is done with the information provided upon request in such matters is to the sole discretion of the interested party or parties.

    It is suggested that responsibility be exercised from and on the part of anyone who requests legal information or any such relative data from this institute and its services.

    The institute cannot and will not be held responsible for the results of its findings. The institute does not create this just finds it.

    "The object of reasoning is to find out, from the consideration of what we already know, something else which we do not know.

    We generally know when we wish to ask a question and when we wish to pronounce a judgement, for there is a dissimilarity between the sensation of doubting and that of believing.

    But this is not all which distinguishes doubt from belief. There is a practical difference. Our beliefs guide our desires and shape our actions.

    Some people seem to love to argue a point after the world is fully convinced of it."

    Charles Sanders Peirce, 1839-1914

    Robinson Research Institute
    Founded and Established ~ 1970

    © 1970 - 2010 Robinson Research Institute ~ All Rights Reserved

    PLEASE NOTE: Articles, presentations, research papers and their like that are submitted and/or presented on this site may hold certain copyrights or intellectual property rights and will be fully respected and posted with such material.